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Natalie Harvey was exceptionally helpful during a trying time for me. I appreciated her astute insights and valued her input immensely. I found her honest and non-sugar coated questions and assessments vitally helpful. I also think she is a person of integrity, talent and professionalism. I was at least two decades older than she but did not feel uncomfortable working with her. I could not recommend Natalie enough.

-adult female client 

Natalie has been an amazing asset for me over the last few years. Her understanding, and use of various modalities allowed for us to make a trusting, healing and friendly connection that was tailored specifically to me. This was evident from the very first time I walked in to her office.

But its not her knowledge or expertise in any external psychology specialty that makes her so valuable; it's her unwavering and honest intention to understand me; what thoughts and feelings I'm experiencing at any given time, and what impact they have on my state of mind and body.

Without really knowing it at the time, this is exactly what I was seeking when I decided to begin regular talk-therapy. She is a knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy person who is able to explore, reveal and tease out answers to some of the most important questions I face in my life. The answers are already within me I've learned; I just need some help in uncovering them. Natalie provides exactly the help I need.

Knowing the state I was in when I sought out therapy, I can imagine the complexity and sensitivity involved for others as they reach out for help. I'd recommend Natalie Harvey for anyone who thinks they would benefit from having a genuinely good person join them as they navigate the path to wellbeing.

-adult male client 

Natalie has helped our family tremendously. She connected with our daughter right away (which isn't the easiest thing to do), and supported her through some of the hardest times of her life. She really helped her navigate the pressures and complexity of being a teenager in Marin. Our girl always came home from appointments with a smile on her face and a bit lighter than she was going in. Natalie also helped us as parents to see things we were blind to and gave us direction in how to better support and connect with our daughter. I would highly recommend bringing your teenager to see Natalie if they are struggling.

-mother of adolescent client

I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your time and dedication to your practice and for giving back to us struggling humans. Thanks for being you. I very much appreciate all of your help and insight.

-adult male client

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